Tribute to Stevie Wright – Blood & Thunder to replay on the ABC

All of us at Bombora are very saddened to hear of the passing of Stevie Wright. He gave Australian rock music a spark like no-one else, and ignited the passions of a generation who believed in him, empathised with him, and totally loved him. Thank you Stevie, for being the greatest frontman of your generation, for your passion and courage. It was such an experience to film with you this year, aided by carer Kathy and son Nick. (Thinking of them and their generosity right now.)

ABC-TV will show our series Blood & Thunder tomorrow night and wednesday night at 9pm. We remember our narrator David Field shedding a tear as he recorded the voiceover of episode one’s long Stevie Wright sequence. Let there be a few tears of appreciation as we watch his story tomorrow night.