Blood and Thunder: The Sound Of Alberts – ABC TV, Australia

This is the story of Bogan Motown. The family-owned label Alberts was Australia’s hit-factory who ruled the charts and gave us our own soundtrack: the sound of rebellion and good times, suburban young Australia at full-bore. The Easybeats, John Paul Young, Stevie Wright, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC – these were the Alberts artists who sang us our song and cracked the cultural cringe.


Blood and Thunder is a tale of two families and the music they made. The Alberts – an elegant, well-to-do dynasty. And The Youngs – an unruly clan of 10-pound migrants from the tough suburbs of Glasgow. They were from different planets. But through music they locked together in a blood pact – fiercely determined to produce an Australian sound that would conquer the world.


Written, Directed & Produced by Bombora Film and Music Co, in co-production with Beyond Screen.


Blood and Thunder: The Sound Of Alberts was broadcast by the ABC on:

Part 1 – BLOOD, Thursday 25th June 8:30pm ABC1
Part 2 – THUNDER, Thursday 2nd July 8:30pm ABC1