Between a Frock and a Hard Place nominated for AACTA Award

Director Paul Clarke’s documentary Between a Frock and a Hard Place has been nominated for an AACTA award in the Documentary category for Best Documentary Television Program.

The documentary was produced in association with Jungle Boys and aired June 2015 on the ABC. The 1980s in Australia was a time of deep, dark closets, the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and widespread homophobia. Homosexuals were vilified. There were many who were thrown off the cliffs of Bondi by gay-hate gangs (crimes that remain unsolved to this day). Oxford Street became the centre of the world for gay people, celebrating in the face of sadness, fear and desperation. Between a Frock and a Hard Place tells the story of a film that arrived at this time, one which would redefine homosexual culture, one which was a worldwide game-changer for gay understanding and acceptance.

You can view all of the nominations on the AACTA website:

Between a Frock and a Hard Place is the story behind one of the world’s most loved films; about three unlikely hero-(ine)s from a backwater at the arse-end of the world daring to step up from the shadows in their shimmering sequined glory and be counted. It’s the story of how a low-budget Australian film about three cocks-in-frocks changed the course of history and loudly and proudly brought a celebration of gay culture to the world that continues to resonate twenty years on.