Bombora Documentaries are Finalists in the Screen Producers Australia Awards

Three Bombora documentaries are finalists in the Screen Producers Australia Awards (SPAA). Bombora Film & Music co. is proudly represented by Paul Clarke and Stephanie Werrett in the productions below. In the Television category - Documentary Television Production Blood and Thunder: The Story of Alberts Executive Producers - Mikael Borglund, Paul Clarke, Ron Saunders Producers - Martin Fabinyi, Stephanie Werrett Director - Paul Clarke Brilliant Creatures Executive Producer - Adam Key, Margie Bryant Producer - Dan Goldberg Director - Paul Clarke In the Feature Film category - Feature Documentary Production Between a Frock and a Hard Place Executive Producer -...
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Brilliant Creatures wins NSW Premiere’s Award and is nominated for The Greirson Awards UK

In the late 1950s and ‘60s satirist Barry Humphries, art critic Robert Hughes, feminist Germaine Greer and poet, writer and broadcaster Clive James all left our shores and went on to become cultural iconoclasts at the centres of western cultural life; London and New York. These Australians literally changed the cultural landscape of their homeland from half a world away. Hughes, Humphries, Greer and James were a brilliant quartet of minds, war babies born to the cheerful cultural stillness of the Menzies era, who were the vanguards of enormous cultural change both in Australia and around the world. They all...
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Blood and Thunder: The Sound Of Alberts – ABC TV, Australia

This is the story of Bogan Motown. The family-owned label Alberts was Australia’s hit-factory who ruled the charts and gave us our own soundtrack: the sound of rebellion and good times, suburban young Australia at full-bore. The Easybeats, John Paul Young, Stevie Wright, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC – these were the Alberts artists who sang us our song and cracked the cultural cringe.     Blood and Thunder is a tale of two families and the music they made. The Alberts - an elegant, well-to-do dynasty. And The Youngs – an unruly clan of 10-pound migrants from the tough suburbs of...
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Hello This Is Australia – Seven Network, Australia

Perhaps more than any other country, a longing to connect has shaped us as a nation. After all, in a continent like Australia, it was communicate or die. The story of how we went from being a bunch of convict misfits and shed men to emerge the most connected culture per capita in the world is the story of building a nation against the odds, and contains all the major technological shifts in communication since the smoke signal. Presented and narrated by Dave Hughes, this one hour documentary was directed and written by award-winning film maker Paul Clarke. ‘Hello This...
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Wide Open Road – ABC TV, Australia

Wide Open Road - The Story Of Cars In Australia (3 X 1 hours ABC-TV ... on now!) We went round Australia finding stories about cars and people, and how the country changed through the windscreen. Turned into a landmark critically acclaimed series in Australia.   Purchase Wide Open Road on iTunes:  View video from Wide Open Road on YouTube:

Bombora The Story of Australian Surfing – ABC TV, Australia

Bombora The Story Of Australian Surfing (2 X 1 hours ABC-TV) The extraordinary tale of how surfing went from an obscure pastime reserved for Hawaiian Kings to become an Australian obsession, an international sport and finally, a global phenomenon. Featuring a surfing "who's who" and rare archival footage, Bombora takes us on a journey from the early 19th Century pioneers, to the impact of "The Duke" and 60's and 70's counter-culture - to shine a light on how Australian surf culture conquered the world. Purchase Bombora, The Story of Australian Surfing on iTunes Part 1 Part 2  

Lillian Roxon – Mother of Rock – SBS TV, Australia

Lillian Roxon - Mother of Rock (feature length documentary) this feature length film was selected for Toronto, New York, Melbourne and Rome International Film Festivals. Judy Davis was narrator, and we shot the film in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City. Developed and produced with Lowlands Media. Purchase Lillian Roxon, Mother of Rock on iTunes:   View a video from Lillian Roxon - Mother of Rock on YouTube: