Bombora’s documentary, ‘All I Need’ – Foxtel Australia, Seven Australia

Bombora’s documentary, ‘All I Need’ will screen on Foxtel on the Lifestyle Home channel, 10th September 6:30pm.

The Australian Dream: your own home on a quarter acre block. But is it becoming a nightmare?

Now Australia builds the world’s largest houses, has the largest mortgages, and some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Sometimes a dream home can lead to mountains of debt and stress.
But don’t worry, help is on the way!

This doco, hosted by Andrew Daddo follows a typical Australian family and a couple of would-be mortgagees, and suggests ways to redefine the great Aussie dream before it gets out of control.

Host, Andrew Daddo said:

““Working on ‘All I Need’ was a revelation. As we try to cram more and more into our lives, wants vs. needs becomes an eternal struggle, followed by figuring out how to pay for it and where to put it. I can’t think of another TV experience that’s really challenged me to reassess the way I, and we, live.”

The documentary’s Executive Producer, Paul Clarke, said:

“Home ownership is a staple of Australian life – but it has become an increasingly white-knuckled experience. We gave our teams some challenges to show them and viewers that the great Australian dream is a mindset based on out-dated values that we might need to let go of.”

Produced by Bombora Film and Music in association with The Monkeys and U Bank.

‘All I Need’ screens on Lifestyle Home, 10th September 6:30pm. ‘All I Need’ originally screened on 7TWO on Friday 5 February at 7:30pm